FULL NAME: Alexander James Tomson

FIRST APPEARANCE: Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit

DEATH: Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit


POWER: Invisibility


Alex was raised by dedicated Power pursuers.  His parents work at Adamantine and are loyal followers of Keren Archer.  Alex never truly experienced love from his parents.  They were proud of his abilities and pushed him to achieve more, but it was purely out of a practical use.  He wasn’t given affection and was raised to see the gentleness of love and friendship as weakness, something to be exploited by the strong.

He was raised with a single focus; to achieve more power.  This upbringing made him an easy target for Keren to use for her own needs as he was determined to earn a trusted place at her side.  It is this loyalty that ultimately got him killed, the first death Lilly ever causes directly using her power.

Alex’s parents views are clearly demonstrated when Keren phones them to tell them that their son has died.  Their response is not that of a grieving family but to enquire about what it means for them, and Keren assures them that his sacrifice has earned them their place at the Final Gathering.


Alex is whole heartedly invested in the world of Power.  He uses his power of invisibility to carry out secret missions and spying for Keren Archer in a bid to earn her favour and trust.

It is Alex who pulls the cursed charm bracelet from Lilly’s wrist on her first day at school, releasing her powers.  He uses his powers, and those of his friends, to excite her about the world of power and steer her away from the teachings of Jeffrey, to make it easier for Keren to bring her on board at Adamantine.


Alex is massively important in Lilly’s life as she discovers her magical identity and learns about her powers.

It is Alex who removed the cursed bracelet that released Lilly’s powers, Alex who motivates Lilly to win the art contest to earn her place at Adamantine, and Alex who dies by Lilly’s hand when she discovers her power includes ending life as well as giving it.

Although he is dead by the midpoint of Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit, he has a huge part in helping Lilly to discover who she is and preparing her to face the challenges ahead.

Alex is happy to use the fact that Lilly has a crush on him to his advantage.  He seduces her with his charm and his good looks, building up her self esteem so she believes in herself, then crushing it again by getting involved with Saffron so she starts to doubt herself.  This leaves her unsettled and insecure, and far easier to manipulate.


Whilst physically attracted to the beautiful Saffron, Alex has absolutely no respect for her.  This he makes clear when discussing his opinions on non magical humans.  His friends, equally, have no respect for her and even mock him in front of Lilly for his romantic involvement with her.

He gets involved with Saffron to confuse and worry Lilly, but also because he knows Lilly listens to and respects Saffron.  He uses Saffron to convince Lilly to be more relaxed and experimental with her power, and then casually disregards her as soon as he has Lilly where he wants her.


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