FULL NAME: Ashya Vanhi Patel

FIRST APPEARANCE: Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit


POWER: Fire Starter


Ashya is a fire starter and, despite being raised by very Balance committed parents, she is determined to learn more and improve.

She is able to shoot fire from her hands or her eyes, but believes she could learn to control existing fires, something she tries to do when she accidentally starts a fire in the school whilst fending off an attack from Una.

This lack of skill and finesse irritates Ashya and she finds herself leaping to a temper regularly.  She wants to achieve more at all times but equally hates those who put their desire for power ahead of those around them.  She supports Balance whole heartedly but wishes she could learn more.  This creates an inner conflict that makes her angry and confused.


Ashya’s parents are both politically active in the Balance world, however, her father also has an extensive library of literature on the studies and philosophies of magical uses and theories.  It is Ashya’s father who gifts the diaries of the Oracle of Los Pacos to Amy to help her perfect her Seeing power.

Whilst most of Ashya’s family, including her brothers, have mental powers, Ashya’s power is physical.  This makes it harder to study and harder to control, and whilst her family are very loving and accepting of her, she is aware that she makes them nervous.  As a child she set fire to the house many times whilst having a tantrum, and her family find her temper unnerving.  Ashya is ashamed of this and wants to be calm and accepted, but also longs to master her power despite her parents teachings about caution and Balance.

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