FULL NAME: Coral Eliza Rattray

FIRST APPEARANCE: Lilly Prospero And The Mermaid’s Curse

DEATH: Lilly Prospero And The Mermaid’s Curse


POWER: Astral Projection


Coral can astral project, meaning she leaves her physical body like a spirit and can travel around in the blink of an eye.  However, she is unable to physically interact with anything when she is in her astral form and her body is left vulnerable.

She uses this power growing up as a messenger for her grandmother, Opal, but soon grows to resent this.  She is a strong witch, and very smart, and sees herself as worth far more than a messenger for an aging coven.  She wants to do something important and valuable with her life, and feels she is wasting it.

When she is killed, it is her power to leave her dying body that gives her the opportunity to say goodbye to her grandmother.  She learns to understand that whilst her Opal doesn’t let her free to explore and grow, it’s out of a desire to protect Coral having witnessed Coral’s mother being murdered and swearing to protect her granddaughter.


When Coral initially meets Lilly and Saffron she is suspicious of them and keen to impress and make herself appear to be an authority.  This is due to her own lack of experience in social situations and her intense insecurity.  However, once a more natural relationship is established between them she comes to like them both, though feels resentful of Saffron’s obvious attraction to Sam.

After Saffron goes into a coma following their first attack from the Harvester, Coral forms a closer bond to Lilly and begins to consider her a friend.  As previously Sam has been her only real friend, having been so isolated by her grandmother by her work for the coven, she is entranced by this friendship and proud of it.

Once Saffron wakes up and Lilly immediately rushes back to her side, Coral feels intensely jealous and resentful.  She believes she has once again be used, just as by the coven, and that Sam truly is the only person she can trust and rely on.  This makes her final betrayal of Sam for the sake of her grandmother even more impressive, as her love and devotion to him is completely intoxicating for her.


Just as Coral’s parents died when she was a baby, Sam’s mother died when he was in infancy as well.  Both raised by emotionally distant carers and isolated from the magical community they were born into, Sam and Coral found a natural affinity and understanding with one another.

They when Coral was just starting high school, Sam being a few years ahead of her.  Soon they realised how alone they were without one another, and Coral was filled with unrequited love for the handsome, older boy who cared about her and paid attention to her.  Their friendship blossomed over time and, whilst Coral was always infatuated with Sam, Sam for the most part saw her as a little girl.  It was only after she began standing up for herself against the coven when Lilly and Saffron came onto the scene that he realised she had grown into a young woman and how much is feelings for her had developed.

When Coral walked away from the coven in defence of Sam, she had no intention of returning.  She followed Sam out of loyalty and devotion and was willing to give everything up for the sake of him.  Getting her opportunity to be seen by him as a woman and have her first sexual experience with him was both a blessing and a curse.

Once she realised who and what he was, she knew she had to betray him.  Her mother, whom she had always longed to know, had been an aggressive protester against Harvesting, and all ill treatment of non-humans, and she firmly believed in that message.  She continued feigning loyalty to Sam, and to the Harvester, in order to ultimately stop them.

Her loyalty to her family, and her desire to achieve something good with her life, is what got her killed.  Sam murdering her was the ultimate betrayal that convinced Coral that her grandmother had been right all along, and allowed her to say goodbye and thank you in peace.


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Coral’s start in life is a tragic one.  Her mother, Pearl, fell in love with and married Alfonso Rattray, a Speaker and a leading authority in The Commission, in spite of  her mother’s objections.

Rattray was violent and abusive towards Pearl who took it until her daughter was born, at which point she began standing up for herself to protect the baby.  However, she wasn’t strong enough to fend of the man’s violent attacks and went to her mother, Opal, to admit she needed help.

Opal sent her coven member Sylvie to watch and witness the attacks.  As a shape-shifter, Sylvie was able to transform into a cat and observe ready to report back to the coven so a plan could be put in place.  However, Rattray discovered Sylvie and cursed her to remain as a cat forever, and then murdered Pearl.

On the discovery of Pearl’s body, Iris murdered Rattray in vengeance for Pearl’s death, leaving Coral safe but an orphan.  From that point on Opal and her coven covered up both deaths, claiming Pearl and Rattray had abandoned Coral, and Opal took over raising Coral, swearing to protect her.

Coral had a difficult relationship with her grandmother, resenting Opal’s over protective ways, and not understanding the reasons behind them.  After meeting Lilly and Saffron she began to push back against her grandmother more, sensing an opportunity to finally achieve something with her life.  This, unfortunately, leads to her death.  However, she gets an opportunity to say goodbye to Opal and to thank her for being there for her, and expresses pleasure that she will finally get to be with her mother again.

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