FULL NAME: Fawn Emilia Blake

FIRST APPEARANCE: Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit


POWER: Listener /  Telepath


Fawn can Listen to surface active thoughts, like a telepath, but without delving below the initial thoughts.  She listens to Lilly thinking in the car and is able to respond as if she was speaking out loud, but once Lilly starts singing in her head it drowns out the subconscious thoughts and Fawn can no longer hear her.

Fawn is ambitious and driven to succeed.  She resents the limitations of her powers and wishes to develop them further.  She took the position as Keren Archer’s assistant in order to garner good favour with the powerful leader, seeking to find ways to use her power to impress and then have it magnified.


Fawn’s parents were not politically minded, preferring to live naturally, growing food and creating art.  Aware of their daughter’s gift at a young age, they actively discouraged her from using it, believing it was a violation to have unspoken thoughts listened to without consent.

Fawn quickly grew to resent her parents, she had not chosen this power and it was something she believed she should be proud of.  She discovered the Adamantine facility whilst researching powers online, and contacted Keren Archer directly at the age of eleven.

Keren, seeing potential in the young girl, travelled to the Cotswalds to meet with Fawn’s parents and soon had them convinced to allow Fawn to leave with her, to be raised and educated at the Adamantine facility.

Whilst she was advanced in many areas, Fawn resented the limitations to her power and believed increasing her involvement in Keren’s life would provide opportunities to gain more.  She became Keren’s assistant and worked tirelessly for her day and night to ensure her place in the trusted circle, and to work towards gaining more power.

She never returned to the Cotswalds nor contacted her parents again.


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