FULL NAME: Jeffrey

FIRST APPEARANCE: Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit

DEATH: Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit


SPECIES: Guardian / Rabbit


Jeffrey is older than a normal rabbit by many decades and has magical powers of his own, though they are limited.  He is able to speak and has subtle powers of manipulation which he uses with care to keep Lilly’s secret safe.  He also has the power to teleport short distances, using this power to visit his old friend Errol Stubbs, and then to get to Adamantine Power ahead of Lilly to try and save Saffron, thus stopping Lilly from needing to face the terrible battle with her birth mother, Keren Archer.


Guardians come in the form of animals, such as rabbits and cats, and are sent to potentially vulnerable magical humans to guide them during times when they have need.

They sometimes work for political parties, Jeffrey working for the Balance authorities such as Emma Bahman, or they work for the governing body itself, The Commission.

Jeffrey, who comes in the form of a rabbit, is an experienced and very capable Guardian.  He was sent to Errol Stubbs when he was a little boy after his mother was taken from him, and then to Lilly when her magic became active after the curse was broken.

Ordinarily the humans they are sent to protect are aware of their Guardian’s role and nature.  However, it was decided that Lilly should be kept unaware for her own protection.  Whilst loyal to his political leader, and extremely good at his job, Jeffrey’s relationship with Lilly caused this to become harder and harder for him until Lilly ultimately discovers his deception and loses her trust in him completely.


As Lilly’s parents, Alice and Robert, are mortal with no knowledge or understanding of magic, Lilly becomes very attached to Jeffrey as the first Being in her life who understands her in a way nobody else is able.  Whilst he initially sees her as a job, a project, he soon comes to care for her in a way that he sees as deeply unprofessional and almost parental, and decides to give up his career as a Guardian to stay with Lilly full time.

As his relationship with Lilly grows and changes, he finds lying to her harder and harder.  Whilst his loyalty is initially to Emma and the Balance cause, so he respects why they are keeping her in the dark and encouraging her to join them out of understanding and are anxious about pushing her away, his instincts are to tell her the truth.  Whilst he fights those instincts, arguing with Emma, he chooses to tell her the truth.  However, this comes too late and Lilly discovers he has been lying to her before he gets the chance.

Jeffrey’s self sacrificial death, whilst heart breaking for Lilly, is essential.  Until that point she is doubting her strength and her desire to fight Keren.  She doesn’t believe in herself and feels unable to take on the challenge.  Seeing her beloved rabbit and mentor dead in the rain, all alone before she has been able to forgive him, gives her the final motivation she needs to win the final battle.

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