FULL NAME: Keren Jocelyn Archer

FIRST APPEARANCE: Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit

DEATH: Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit


POWER: Electrical Manipulation


Keren’s power is known as Electrical Manipulation, or “lightning”.  She is able to shoot electricity from her finger tips in lightning style beams which she does to kill those she disagrees with, such as Paul Lockwood during Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit.

Her quest for an increase in power of her own, and the acquisition of further powers, is the culminating battle at the end of Magic Rabbit, which ultimately results in her death.

Keren’s life was dedicated to the increase of power, both for financial gain and an increase in influence and respect, becoming high up in the Power based political party.  She is on the extreme end of that allegiance, putting the need for power and growth ahead of all else, including the lives of all else.


Keren grew up in an intellectually pushy home with her younger sister Loriana.  Her parents were high up within The Commission and pushed their daughters to always achieve more, always want more.

At a young age Keren became friends with Emma Bahman who was older but equally powerful and talented.  Together they set up Adamantine Power, a facility designed to train and educate young people of power, and give them a safe haven within which to use their power.  Keren brought her sister on board to help and soon the business began to flourish.

Soon Keren began to see potential within Adamantine to turn it from a simple training facility and into an operation that could be monetised and used to achieve power and influence on a global scale.  Emma, however, wanted to harness the potential within the facility to benefit the local people and ensure those learning their powers respected those around them.

The two fought and when Emma discovered that Keren was using powers to manipulate politicians and corporations into investing and giving them influence that was not earned, Emma left and from that day on the two were pitted against each other as enemies.

Not long after her split from Emma, Keren became pregnant.  It was forseen by powerful psychics that the baby would be so powerful that she would bring about a time where Keren herself was an international ruler, with powers previously unknown.  When Liliana Archer was born, her aunt Loriana spoke to Emma about the dangers and together they hatched a plot to kidnap the baby and keep her safe from her mother.


When her daughter, Lilliana, is kidnapped as a baby, Keren desperately tries to track her down.  However, her desire for the return of her daughter is not pure maternal love, for which she has very little, it’s due to the belief that her daughter will be fundamental in Keren’s own power increase and potential world domination.

As Lilly’s powers have been taken away by a cursed bracelet, and her adoptive parents Alice and Robert have no knowledge that their baby isn’t biologically theirs, she struggles to find her.  However, she puts in motion everything she will need to still do the magic should she find Lilly.

When Lilly is fifteen she manages to find her and swiftly arranges to employ Alice Prospero and force their relocation, ensuring Lilly attends the high school where the children of her own colleagues, Alex and Una, also go.

Establishing her daughter’s interest in art, Keren arranges an art competition which she intends Lilly to win giving her an excuse to bring Lilly into her fold without arousing the suspicion of her family or friends, or that of Lilly herself.  Rather than establishing an honest, maternal relationship she looks to manipulate Lilly into trusting her and pledging her loyalty to her, out of the desire for power.

At first Lilly is enchanted by the beautiful and powerful Keren, and feels keen to impress her, but soon their relationship begins to deteriorate when Lilly realises she has been lied to and starts to understand how her mother will put the quest for power above other’s well being and health.

Lilly ends their relationship by declaring “You may have given birth to me but you are not my mother.”  She then confronts Keren during the final battle and, to save Saffron’s life as well as the lives of a thousand innocents, Lilly kills her birth mother.


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