FULL NAME: Loriana Imelda Archer

FIRST APPEARANCE: Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit


POWER: Enchantress


Loriana is an enchantress, meaning she is able to enchant ordinary objects to do magical things.  Whilst she is in no way a master of the art, like Emily from The Schildmaids Saga, she is competent and adept at her work.

It is Loriana who curses the crystal on Lilly’s charm bracelet that blocks her power from being used, but also prevents it from being tracked by magical sensors employed by Keren to find her.  The spell holds until Alex smashes the crystal and releases the curse.

When Lilly wants to sneak Saffron into the Adamantine building, it is an enchanted coat made by Loriana that turns the wearer invisble that she uses.

Whilst Loriana is dedicated to increasing and improving power, she is in no way an extremist like her sister Keren.  She believes in the importance of learning and honing skills which in many ways makes her a moderate, however she accepts a certain degree of damage to others in the pursuit of perfection that Lilly cannot.  For instance, Billy Dawkin’s sanity is sacrificed by Owen and Tereska, which Loriana sees as unfortunate but necessary to achieve their goals.


Whilst always talented, Loriana was never the family “star” like her sister Keren.  She grew up in her sister’s shadow, never achieving as much as Keren but also never driven to accomplish like her either.

Whilst her parents always encouraged Keren intellectually, Loriana was left to her own devices much of the time and was able to establish more normal relationships and friendships with those around her.  However, she was extremely jealous of Keren’s friendship with Emma Bahman, who was older and very well respected in the magical community.

When Keren and Emma set up the Adamantine Power facility, Loriana was in a mortal college, learning about a history of art.  She had friends and enjoyed learning but always resented her sister’s success in magic and longed to use the powers she herself had accomplished well in by her own tutorage.

When Keren asked Loriana to join Adamantine and help guide younger people through their powers, Loriana was thrilled.  However, when Emma left her loyalty was torn.  She both agreed with her sister’s desire to achieve more with her power, having found her own powers grown in magnitude for working there, but also agreed with Emma about the cost that came of pushing for power above all else.  However, she chose to remain at Adamantine.

The birth of her niece, Lilliana, convinced her that staying had been the right thing as she was able to report to Emma about the predictions of Lilly’s great powers and what they would do for Keren.  Together they hatched a plot whereby Loriana would curse a bracelet and kidnap the baby, and Emma would ensure she was raised by an appropriate mortal family.


When kidnapping Lilly as a baby, Loriana risks her own life, certain that should her sister discover her she would be killed.  However, both her desire to prevent her sister from taking over the world, and her desire to protect Lilly from her sister using her dangerously, convinces her it is worth the risk.

When Lilly joins Adamantine, Loriana is immediately protective of her and offers her support and guidance when she’s nervous.  She would like to tell her the truth but remains in many ways loyal to her big sister, as well as fearful of repercussions from going against her wishes.

She continues to report back to Emma about Lilly’s development and Keren’s activities, but after the final battle which ends her sisters life, she attempts to convince Lilly to stay at Adamantine with her and hone her gift, still believing in the importance of magical education above the Balance agenda that Emma is true to.


Prospero, Lilly Jones, Saffron Bentley Jeffrey Pablo Priscilla Archer, Keren Archer, Loriana Bahman, Emma Baranowski, Tereska Blake, Fawn Chan Li, Amy Dawkins, Billy Fennyman, Maud Friday, Coral Friday, Opal Gilbert, Una Grace, Dorothy Hawkes, Iris Hogarth, Dougal Jane, Sylvie Moon, Mi-Sook O'Donnell, Owen Patel, Ashya Prospero, Alice Prospero, Robert Stubbs, Errol Tomson, Alex Wilkes, Harvester Wilkes, Sam
Archer, Loriana
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