FULL NAME: Opal Jean Friday

FIRST APPEARANCE: Lilly Prospero And The Mermaid’s Curse


POWER: Potions Master


An extremely skilled and talented potions master, Opal was the leader of her own coven at a young age.  She mastered complicated potions quickly and was able to use that strength of magic to lead her coven to a position of great power in the magical community.

The outlawing of Harvesting under the Beings Protections Laws rendered many of her advanced spells undoable as she couldn’t acquire the parts she needed for the more complicated work.  This left her frustrated and weakened, losing her position of respect in society and unable to perform the spells she wanted to, such as the antidote to the curse put on Sylvie.

When The Harvester began work, Sylvie attempted to earn her way into his client list, however he was aware of her daughter, Pearl’s, protest work against him and didn’t trust her, but also saw her as weak and invaluable to him for any potential trades.  He blocked her efforts.

Frustrated, Opal knew she had to find a new way to get what she needed to use her power in the best way she could.


Opal was raised by strict parents who firmly believed in the importance of hard work and dedication to a craft.  She was encouraged to study her magic hard, as well as her school work, and never consider being a girl as something that should hold her back.

When she met a man named Levi, she became pregnant with her daughter Pearl very quickly.  He was not interested in the child nor in being involved with Opal, however her parents were angry and tried to force a wedding between the two.  Opal refused, not even allowing them to make contact with Levi, insisting she would do a better job raising her child alone.  This alienated Pearl from her parents completely, and for the most part society as a whole.

Raising Pearl alone, Opal was fiercely protective of her daughter and discouraged her from involvement with men, and making sure she focused on her school work and magical powers.

When Pearl met Alfonso Rattray and became quickly distracted from studying her power as a telepath, Opal tried to force the two apart.  Not one was she suspicious of Rattray due to his attitude of superiority and his temper, she resented someone coming between her and her daughter.  When Pearl chose to marry Rattray, Opal was devastated.

Pearl only confessed the true nature of their abusive marriage to her mother after her own daughter, Coral, was born.  When Rattray discovered that his wife had gone to her mother for help, he murdered Pearl.  In vengeance, Opal and Iris murdered Rattray.

Taking the baby Coral home with her, Opal swore to raise her granddaughter well and keep her safe from men who might harm her like her father had harmed her mother.


When Maud gets a vision of Lilly and Saffron arriving to stop the Harvester, Opal begins planning for how to use their powers to her advantage.  She has little interest in them, or anyone else, as people but is keen to use them to stop the Harvester.  Indeed, she only agrees to go and save Lilly’s life after Coral tells her that Lilly is the Ultimate Power and the one they have been waiting for.

Opal does grow to respect Lilly’s power, and even listens to her opinions.  When Opal is torturing Hogarth for information and Lilly steps in to prevent further harm to the boy, albeit begrudgingly, Opal does stop.  This implies a respect for a certain level of authority Lilly has due to the strength of her power, as power is something Opal has respect for, if little else.


Despite initial appearances, Opal absolutely adores Coral.  She sees Coral, in many ways, as a second chance.  After Coral’s mother Pearl, Opal’s daughter, is murdered, Opal takes on the role as Coral’s care given and raises her from infancy.  She seeks to fix what she did wrong with Pearl by keeping Coral completely safe and protected, so no man can harm her in the way Coral’s father harmed Pearl.

Unfortunately, this over protective nature pushed Coral further away from her and built up a feeling of resentment in her granddaughter and a longing to escape and achieve things on her own, to prove her abilities.

This desire leads Coral down a path that ends in her murder at the hands of Sam, and Opal has to accept that once again the girl she has raised has been murdered by her lover.


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