FULL NAME: Saffron Yvonne Tallulah Margaret Jones

FIRST APPEARANCE: Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit


POWER: Enhancer


Saffron is mortal born but after Lilly and Tereska perform a power transfer spell in Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit, sacrificing the life of another human in the process, she is given the power of Enhancing.

Her powers as an Enhancer present by boosting Lilly’s natural power to give and take life.  Prior to Saffron’s power being used, Lilly needed to draw creatures in order for them to come alive, but with Saffron’s assistance she is able to create life from just a thought.  Together they are strong enough to kill Keren as she receives a power boost that would result in the deaths of thousands.

Whilst initially she takes joy and pride in her power, Saffron soon comes to find it something she struggles with.  She resents that both her life and power exist and are dependent on Lilly which leads her to feel adrift and not interested in her own existence anymore.

However, at the end of Lilly Prospero And The Mermaid’s Curse, it is her very uniqueness that allows her to defeat The Harvester, and it is Lilly’s power that assists her to defeat their enemy.


Saffron’s home life is not a happy one and pushes her towards establishing and maintaining a “family of friends” within school where she is successful and popular.  When she meets Lilly and Lilly’s parents, she begins to feel accepted and love for who she is, rather than the person she created to become the popular girl at school.

When her mother slaps her and throws her out of the house, Saffron moves in with Lilly’s and her parents, Alice and Robert, and becomes part of their family.  In Lilly Prospero And The Mermaid’s Curse she goes on holiday with the family, and embraces it when Lilly’s mother doesn’t correct strangers who assume Saffron is her daughter.

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On first meeting Lilly, Saffron views her as an enemy.  Lilly spills a drink down Saffron’s front, embarrassing her in front of her friends, and then goes on to establish a relationship with Alex whom Saffron has a crush on.

However, Saffron’s vulnerability is soon revealed to Lilly when the truth about her unhappy home life is exposed and Lilly offers her not judgment or criticism but sympathy and compassion.  This begins Saffron on a journey that embraces her true self, and in turn Lilly, and makes her walk away from the social circle she had established for reasons of self protection rather than actual friendship.

Becoming friends with Lilly, whilst positive for many reasons, causes her to lose her original friends.  Jealousy and dislike for Lilly causes them to become cruel towards Saffron, and also drives a wedge further between her relationship with her mother.  This leads Saffron to be alone and further dependent on her friendship with Lilly.

After her death by drowning in Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit, Lilly saves Saffron’s life using her power which puts some of her own essence into Saffron to sustain her life.  This means Saffron’s life becomes entirely dependent on Lilly’s own.  If Lilly dies, she will die.

When Lilly and Tereska work together to give Saffron her power, Saffron becomes further dependent on Lilly as her power is to enhance Lilly’s own gift.


In a striking contrast to Lilly’s reaction on meeting the mermaids in Lilly Prospero And The Mermaid’s Curse, Saffron has an immediate connection to them and feels at home in their company.  Despite her initial paranoia to do with the water following her death in Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit, Saffron discovers a natural place in the company of the Mer and in the water she initially was so afraid of.

The Mer are in many ways halflings, a natural connection between the Ancients of the water, the pure blood Mer, and the humans of the land.  As Saffron herself is neither fully magical nor fully human, she too is considered a halfling.  This unique existence on both the parts of Saffron and the Mer gives them a connection that transcends that of any other Beings.

This connection leads Saffron both to save the lives of the Mer, having been prophesied to be the one creature that could overcome the power of The Harvester, and to have the opportunity to become a Mer herself through powerful magic of The Ancients.

Refusing the opportunity to become a Mer is a huge step for Saffron who, until meeting them, felt completely out of place and unhappy with her life.  She realises that her life with Lilly in the magical world is worth more than giving it up for a chance to live with the Mer and is able to begin her life properly for the first time since her death.

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