FULL NAME: Tereska Magdalena Baranowski

FIRST APPEARANCE: Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit


POWER: Speaker


The power of Speaking is very rare, as Jeffrey describes it “old magic”.

It routes from the origins of magic where spells were chanted to accomplish many of the things the magical community have now come to inherit specifically.  With Speaking all different magics can be achieved simply by using the correct words.

It is a pure form of magic and very powerful, but also overwhelming in many ways for the user.  It can become almost intoxicating to the point of being unusable, as the Speaker finds any words they use have magical consequences, including pain and suffering, they unwittingly inflict.  This can lead the Speaker to become very isolated and vulnerable, scared of their own power.


When Tereska’s parents discovered what her power was they were aware of the rarity and value of it and decided to profit from their daughter’s gift.

Tereska was taken travelling, displayed like a circus freak, and people paid for the privilege of her Speaking spells to end whatever issues they were suffering with, or curse whomever they felt deserved cursing.

Tereska grew up without friends and used by her family.  As she learned to understand what it was people were asking of her, and realised what she had been doing at the will of her parents, she became very bitter and withdrawn.

Keren Archer discovered her and took her under her wing, giving her parents a place to live and work at Adamantine, and providing Tereska with stability, education, and a circle of friends.

Tereska became very loyal to Keren, but also aware that she was special and she soon desired to use her power for her own gain instead of just that of others.  However, it is always a challenge when you’re used to a life of effective slavery.


Prospero, Lilly Jones, Saffron Bentley Jeffrey Pablo Priscilla Archer, Keren Archer, Loriana Bahman, Emma Baranowski, Tereska Blake, Fawn Chan Li, Amy Dawkins, Billy Fennyman, Maud Friday, Coral Friday, Opal Gilbert, Una Grace, Dorothy Hawkes, Iris Hogarth, Dougal Jane, Sylvie Moon, Mi-Sook O'Donnell, Owen Patel, Ashya Prospero, Alice Prospero, Robert Stubbs, Errol Tomson, Alex Wilkes, Harvester Wilkes, Sam
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