FULL NAME: Benjamin Daniel Wilkes

FIRST APPEARANCE: Lilly Prospero And The Mermaid’s Curse

DEATH: Lilly Prospero And The Mermaid’s Curse


POWER: Potion’s Master


As a young man, Benjamin was the apprentice to a former Harvester, his own father.  His mother was removed from the picture in a way he never learned about, as is the tradition in the male dominated profession of Harvesting, so he never knew her.  He was raised entirely by his father who taught him the importance of power, and the supremecy of humans, as well as the “noble” work of the Harvesters.

When his father was arrested following the Beings Protection Laws, Benjamin went into hiding.  He later fathered a son and decided to resume the work he had been trained for.  He gave the mother of his son a potion that left her comatose and unable to protest, took his son, Sam, and moved to Whitstable.  There he recommenced studying the art and began training Sam as his apprentice, as his father had trained him.


The Harvester is a Potion’s Master, using the parts of the mermaids he traps and kills to create powerful potions for his own gain, as well as selling them on the black market to other magical users.

He believes humans are the master species, and magical humans are of the greatest value.  He is willing to use his power against Beings of other species without a second thought.  They can be sacrificed time and again to ensure the best possible lives for his own people.

He is a very skilled potions master, able to achieve some of the most complicated and difficult potions.  He is also physically strong and enhances his strength with potions, especially against magical attacks such as those Lilly uses against him.

He is supremely confident, but also greatly admiring of those with physical powers.  He attempts to lure Lilly into joining forces with him.


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