FULL NAME: Una Joanne Gilbert

FIRST APPEARANCE: Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit


POWER: Liquid Manipulator


Una is a liquid manipulator, meaning she is able to control liquids, including the water in bodies or moisture in the air, to make it move at her will.

She is very firmly entrenched in the politics of Power.  She has little time or respect for anyone who doesn’t seek to use their power to the maximum and no respect for Beings that are not human.  Her loyalty is entirely to herself and to Keren Archer, whom she both massively respects and believes is her key to accomplishing greater success.

When the school catches fire, Alex blames Ashya and claims Una saved everyone by using her power to put the fire out.  In truth Una attacked Ashya, who defended herself by drying up the water with her fire power, which accidentally led to the fire in the school.

The most devastating use Una finds for her power is in killing Jeffrey, Lilly’s Guardian.  She attempts to use her discovery of the rabbit to gain favour with Keren, but is told to get rid of him.  Partly from annoyance at not being celebrated for her discovery, and partly out of an innate cruelty, Una uses her power to kill him in a truly hideous way.  Jeffrey is drowned from the inside out by Una controlling the water in his body and making it flood his lungs.

Later at the gathering of magic users hoping to secure a boost to their powers through the work being done by Keren, Una is one of the crowd selected for the privilege.  She is also outraged by Keren’s death, but quickly respects the power in Lilly and backs down.


Una’s family are all devoted to Power.  Una is a middle child with a younger sister, who is a promising telepath, and an older brother who is working his way up in The Commission.  Una is constantly looking to prove her worth and by getting involved with Adamantine she has been able to find a place she is successful.

Driven to succeed both by her upbringing, and her natural inclination towards valuing Power and not caring about other people, Una is determined to stand out from the crowd and surpass her family’s accomplishments.


Prospero, Lilly Jones, Saffron Bentley Jeffrey Pablo Priscilla Archer, Keren Archer, Loriana Bahman, Emma Baranowski, Tereska Blake, Fawn Chan Li, Amy Dawkins, Billy Fennyman, Maud Friday, Coral Friday, Opal Gilbert, Una Grace, Dorothy Hawkes, Iris Hogarth, Dougal Jane, Sylvie Moon, Mi-Sook O'Donnell, Owen Patel, Ashya Prospero, Alice Prospero, Robert Stubbs, Errol Tomson, Alex Wilkes, Harvester Wilkes, Sam
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