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Award winning, UK based entertainment agency, Siren Stories, was founded in 2016 by duo Barnes And McKinney, JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney.

JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney, Barnes and McKinney, Siren Stories
Barnes and McKinney

Wanting to find a way to be independent with their creative work, they decided the best way was to start a business that incorporated all their career goals, and allowed them to make decisions about their own lives.

Barnes And McKinney

Initially, they worked only with one another. But as the company grew, and Barnes and McKinney were able to accomplish more, they found other creatives were interested in their business model. Soon, they found musicians and authors were coming on board to release their original work, and actors and performer were signing up to appear in their first feature film, Hollowhood.

Barnes and McKinney met in 2014 and their first child together was born in 2016. Since then, they have lived and worked together from their home in Staffordshire.



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