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Siren Stories Entertainment Agency

Siren Stories is a Staffordshire based independent production company and entertainment agency, established in 2016.

Our first release was the YA novel Lilly Propero And The Magic Rabbit by JJ Barnes. Since then, we have gone on to release multiple novels, produce music from a variety of artists, release YouTube videos, and our first feature film, Hollowhood, was released in October 2021.

All our stories are set in the SSU, the Siren Stories Universe, and are woven together and interconnected across all the stories.

Our business aims to collaborate with artists to bring a wide range of entertainment products to you.

We do not employ our creators; they remain fully independent. We work with artists to produce and release high quality entertainment products under the Siren Stories brand, whilst maintaining their right to independent creativity.

If you're a writer, musician or artist interested in working with the Siren Stories team to produce and release your work, check our SUBMISSIONS page.

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