Zeke McKinney
Zeke McKinney, author for Siren Smalls and Siren Stories

About Zeke McKinney

Zeke McKinney is the creator of zebra-protecting hero Zebra-Boy. His first novel will be released with the Siren Smalls brand of children's stories. Orginally a character he created to play in the school playground, with the help of JJ Barnes, Zeke is turning his idea into an awesome book for children aged 6-12.

Zeke splits his time between living with his mum, Katie, and his dad Jonathan McKinney and step mum JJ Barnes. Zeke has two sisters, Rose and Buffy, and a food stealing Springer Spaniel, Molly.

Zeke is passionate about all things zebra, as well as movies, superheroes, and Harry Potter. He combined his interests to create Zebra-Boy, and can often be found cavorting round in a zebra print onesie with a bright red cape, defending the zebras of the world from assorted terrible villains.

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