Jonathan McKinney

Jonathan McKinney is an author, screenwriter, filmmaker, and musician. He is best known for his urban fantasy series, The Schildmaids Saga.

  • Not Even Stars by Jonathan McKinney
  • Jonathan McKinney, The Fundamental Miri Mnene and Unholy Water, The Table Read
  • Jonathan McKinney, author of Emily The Master Enchantress, Siren Stories

Jonathan is a original founder of Siren Stories and works behind the scenes on all projects. He is a writer and director of the new film Hollowhood, as well as scoring the soundtrack.

Books by Jonathan McKinney in order of release:

  1. Emily The Master Enchantress
  2. After The Mad Dog In The Fog (co-written with JJ Barnes)
  3. The Inadequacy Of Alice Anders
  4. The Fundamental Miri Mnene
  5. The Relief Of Aurelia Kite
  6. Not Even Stars
  7. The Mystery Of Ms Riley
  8. Unholy Water

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