Josette Celeste

About Josette Celeste

Josette Celeste is a Welsh-American storm chaser turned adventurer with various stories to tell in her own right.

Having travelled the majority of the United States in a motorcoach, chasing this storm or that, she decided to finally take the leap across the pond to the United Kingdom and road trip as far as the horizon would allow—she even backpacked Europe as far East as Lithuania.

She majored in theatre for her undergrad and changed her life path from time to time, having written a little for advertising agencies in the past. But now, she photographs and writes poetry and writes about her own journey and travels to find magic—finding her purpose along the way.

She acted in Hollowhood, and is now getting her masters degree whilst being trapped abroad during the global pandemic. She’s an example of having faith to trust the process and follow where the wind may lead—having never given up on her dream to help make the world a better place.