Rose McKinney

About Rose McKinney

Rose McKinney is the creator of 7 year old trainee super hero Nature-Girl. Her first novel, Nature-Girl vs. Worst Nightmare, launches the Siren Smalls brand of children's stories. Orginally a character she created to play in the school playground, with the help of JJ Barnes, Rose has turned her idea into an awesome book for children aged 6-12.

Rose lives with her parents, JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney, her siblings, Ezekiel and Buffy, and her much beloved Springer Spaniel Molly.

Rose is known for her imagination, which she uses to create stories and artwork, and her love of My Little Pony, The Magic Faraway Tree, and videos of people making slime on YouTube. She can often be found reading books with her torch under her duvet in the middle of the night, until she's caught by her parents.