Book Trailer Music

Book Trailer Music

Siren Stories composer and producer Jonathan McKinney is creating personalised book trailer music. Each piece is completely unique and personalised to your work, written and recorded by Jonathan himself.

Jonathan will design a full orchestral piece of music inspired by your character or story, perfect to use in a book trailer to grab the attention of your audience, and give a true book-to-screen feel.

A unique opportunity for just £100.00 per minute.

Below are examples of music written by

Jonathan McKinney for books:

For Emerald Wren And The Coven Of Seven by JJ Barnes

For the character Guan-Yin Cheh from The Funamental Miri Mnene by Jonathan McKinney

For the character Lilly Prospero from Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit by JJ Barnes

Music Length

Once ordered, email or use the contact form below. Include details about your story or character, any music you're particularly inspired by, and the feelings you want your unique piece of music to evoke.