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Jonathan McKinney, Siren Stories Music

Jonathan McKinney is the producer and composer behind all music released from Siren Stories. As well as working with the Siren Stories artists, he has multiple releases of his own, and produces backing tracks for aspiring musicians to learn from on his YouTube Channel.

Siren Stories Original Soundtrack by Jonathan McKinney

Siren Stories Original Soundtrack

The Siren Stories Original Soundtrack features original orchestral music inspired by the stories and characters in the Siren Stories Universe.

Hollowhood Soundtrack, Siren Stories

Hollowhood Original Motion Picture Score

The orchestral score to Hollowhood was written and recorded by Jonathan McKinney.

Hollowhood Orchestral Score, Jonathan McKinney, Siren Stories

Hollowhood Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Jonathan McKinney co-wrote and produced the majority of the tracks on the Hollowhood soundtrack. Check out the artists we worked with to make this eclectic album.

Static Asylum, Siren Stories Music

Static Asylum

Jonathan McKinney performs lead guitar and lead vocals in the rock band Static Asylum, as well as writing the lyrics.

Blood On The Moon, Siren Stories Music

Blood On The Moon

Jonathan McKinney is a singer in the band Blood On The Moon, alongside his partner JJ Barnes.

Of Demons on Siren Stories

Of Demons

Jonathan performs lead guitar in the alternative metal band Of Demons, alongside lead vocalist Kato Djinn.

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