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JJ Barnes, Siren Stories
JJ Barnes

JJ Barnes is a original co-founder of Siren Stories, and author of our first published work, Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit. Since 2016, JJ has gone on to co-write and co-direct the film Hollowhood, release multiple novels, sing in the band Blood On The Moon, and is the founder and editor of The Table Read Magazine.

JJ also regularly blogs on her own website where she also has a shop selling products such as jewellery, candles and ornaments.

JJ lives in Staffordshire with her partner, Jonathan McKinney, her two daughters and step son, and their daft Springer Spaniel Mollydog and neurotic cat, Batman.

JJ’s passions include coffee, crisps, wine and curry. She loves to spend her free time binge watching TV shows, reading books, and going on long dog walks. Her favourite season is Autumn, her favourite colour is turquoise, and her favourite smell is lavender. She can regularly be found goofing around on TikTok, and celebrating and sharing the work of her fellow indie creatives.

JJ recently spoke to The Table Read Magazine about the creative work that went into her book, Gracemarch.

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