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Check out the FAQ for award winning, UK based, entertainment business, Siren Stories. We produce original entertainment, created with our collaborators.

What is Siren Stories?

Siren Stories is an award winning, UK based, independent entertainment business, dedicated to bringing you unique and captivating entertainment, including books, film, TV, music, and more.

Who created Siren Stories?

Siren Stories was founded by JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney.

When did Siren Stories start?

Siren Stories was launched in 2016.

What is the SSU?

The SSU is the Siren Stories Universe. All our stories are set in the SSU, a world of magic, monsters and mystery, and stories cross-reference across all story mediums, including page and screen.

Are your non-fantasy stories set in the SSU?

The SSU was originally constructed for the fantasy and urban fantasy stories we release. However, we have expanded into releasing non-fantasy stories including What Ivy Wants and Colour And Rhyme.

Whilst these stories don’t directly reference the fantasy elements of the SSU, we still consider them to be set in that world, just not part of the magically aware people. There is no reason that any characters that appear in our non-magical stories can’t appear in future fantasy stories.

Do you have an office?

Currently, all Siren Stories team members and creatives work from their own homes and collaborate remotely. However, we hope one day to expand enough to have a proper Siren Stories HQ to work from.

Can I submit work to Siren Stories to be published?

Yes. Check our SUBMISSIONS page for guidelines of how to submit your work. We will review your work and get back to you.

Can I submit my music to Siren Stories to be released?

Yes. Check our SUBMISSIONS page for guidelines of how to submit your work. We will review your work and get back to you.

How are your creative collaborators independent?

We don’t employ or contract our creatives. They are free to work on projects outside of Siren Stories and release work with others. We work on individual projects with each creative and have a 50/50 ownership over any work we produce together to ensure complete equality. 50% is owned by the creative collaborator, and 50% is owned by Siren Stories.

How do you pay your creative collaborators?

Our creative collaborators are paid each month by whatever means they prefer (BACS, PayPal etc). The creative collaborator get 50% of the revenue each month, and Siren Stories get 50% of the revenue each month. This continues indefinitely, regardless of whether the creative collaborator is producing any further work with Siren Stories.

Is Siren Stories on social media?

Yes! Follow us and keep up with all our latest work.

How do I contact Siren Stories?

Email contact@sirenstories.co.uk or check our CONTACT page.

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