As a company, Siren Stories is committed to celebrating creativity from around the world. Initially, we launched The Table Read in 2021 as a platform to celebrate arts and entertainment. This has since grown from posting a few articles a month to over 100, and featuring international creatives every day.

As The Table Read has grown, we’ve decided to open up our other platforms. Check out the options below to find the space that’s right for you and your work!

Siren Stories

Our main website, featuring our own work, including the books, films and music produced by Siren Stories creatives.

The Table Read Magazine

The Table Read is our arts, entertainment and creativity magazine. This is a broadstroke platform featuring artists, authors, designers, podcasters, actors and more.

To feature your work on The Table Read:


Hollowhood is our site to celebrate our own film, Hollowhood, which is streaming now internationally.


Gracemarch is a site dedicated to our latest book release, Gracemarch by JJ Barnes, and the film production in development in collaboration with Artisan Films.

JJ Barnes

Siren Stories creative, JJ Barnes, is blogging about her interests in lifestyle, entertainment, parenting and women’s interest, and regularly collaborates with brands and other creatives.

To feature your work on JJ Barnes:

McKinney Music

McKinney Music is dedicated to the music and work of Siren Stories music producer Jonathan McKinney.


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