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On Siren Stories, “award winning UK based independent entertainment business”, author and composer Jonathan McKinney explains why music improves your book adverts, and why he composes music tailored t specific stories and characters.

Not Even Stars by Jonathan McKinney
Jonathan McKinney

Written by Jonathan McKinney

Writing a book is a huge accomplishment, and anybody who does that should feel incredibly proud. You’ve created worlds, given life to characters, and sent them on a journey of growth and experience. And that is pure magic.

What Comes Next

When your book has been written, and you’ve sent it out into the world, sometimes it can feel a little deflating. The world doesn’t always jump and celebrate that creation as much as you, and your story, deserve. You find yourself pushing your way through a sea of other writers, all just as proud of their work, and all just as worthy of celebration.

It can be incredibly hard to get the attention your work needs. But one way to make your book stand out is with a book trailer. A video that encapsulates your characters or your plot in a way that will excite and inspire potential readers to dive into your words and experience everything you have created.

Why Music Helps

Finding the right piece of music can be a nightmare. Stock music is, universally, disappointing. It is generic, it is bland, and, most importantly, it doesn’t truly reflect your creation.

As a film composer, I know how powerful truly crafted music can be. The theme I created for Hollowhood gives you a sense of danger and magic, that silence or stock music could never recreate. I write music that follows the action of the visuals on screen second by second, rising and falling with the ebb and flow of the activity. Character themes that can be repeated and give you insight into the character’s truth that, even if you don’t realise it’s happening, give your audience an insight into who that person is and what journey they are on.

John Williams is a master of understanding this. You don’t think of Jurassic Park without that triumphant and exciting theme that speaks of danger, mystery and wonder. Who would Darth Vader be without the Imperial March? Both story and character are enriched by this perfectly crafted music.

I realised that the same can be true of a book. Just because you aren’t following action on screen doesn’t mean the characters deserve less attention, doesn’t mean the plot isn’t just as worthy of a theme that speaks to the core truth of what you have created.

Writing Book Trailer Music

What Ivy Wants by JJ Barnes is a story of heartbreak and sorrow, fresh starts and self discovery, friendship and, ultimately, love. The theme music needed to reflect these layers of emotion, and the flow of movement from the inciting incident through to the climax. Her theme takes you on that journey.

The Vampire Aliester was created for the mysterious vampire character in my own book, Unholy Water. It’s a dark piece of music exploring death, lust and obsession.

Whereas composers can be made millions of pounds for the work they do, most authors would find that far out of reach. I offer an affordable service that still gives you something custom to your work.

Each piece of music I write is written for a full orchestra, inspired directly by your plot or characters, and evoking any emotions you are looking for your audience for feel. I write and record each piece for each author for just £100 per minute of music.

You can find my services here:

Order the length of music you need, then email me to describe your story and character, and we can discuss exactly what you are looking for from your book trailer music.

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