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Music producer Jonathan McKinney heads the Siren Stories music department who composed and produced the original Siren Stories Overture, an orchestral score for the Siren Stories Universe.

Jonathan McKinney, Siren Stories

Jonathan is also responsible for collaborating with other artists to produce and release original songs for Siren Stories, as well as the original scores for our film department, and the orchestral themes for characters in our books.

Jonathan is an expert music producer, composer, songwriter and musician. His main areas of passion are rock and metal music, and orchestral film scores, but his experience and expertise cover a wide variety of genres.

Jonathan is always on the lookout for new collaborations to work with, and can be contacted on if you are interested in discussing your music with him.

Jonathan recently spoke to The Table Read Magazine about his work in film music, what inspires him, and his creative process.

Siren Stories Music

The following playlist is the soundtrack to Siren Stories, featuring every track released under the Siren Stories banner across every genre, and all produced by Jonathan McKinney.

Jonathan McKinney’s Music Collaborations

Jonathan McKinney is responsible for the music of the following artists:

Ally Amber – cowriter/composer/producer

Bellamonium – composer/producer

Blessed William – writer/composer/producer

Blood On The Moon – singer/writer/composer/producer

Hot Profanity – composer/producer

Kate Marris – writer/composer/producer

Lettuce Peak – writer/composer/producer

Of Demons – lead guitar/composer/producer

Static Asylum – lead guitar/singer/writer/composer/producer

Jonathan McKinney’s Film Music

Jonathan McKinney wrote and produced many of the songs on the Hollowhood Soundtrack, as well as composing the entire orchestral score. The following playlist is the complete original motion picture score to Hollowhood, written, recorded and produced by Jonathan McKinney.

Since the popularity and success of the Hollowhood score, Jonathan McKinney has also scored films for other creators, including the feature film Johnny Two Shoes from director Emre Oran, and short film La Mia Italia from director Jay Manari.

Jonathan McKinney’s Book Music

Jonathan McKinney has written and produced music inspired by characters and stories from the Siren Stories Universe. Find videos and music on Jonathan McKinney’s YouTube Channel and the Siren Stories Playlist on Spotify, including the following track inspired by Emerald Wren And The Coven Of Seven by JJ Barnes.

Jonathan McKinney’s Backing Tracks

To inspire and celebrate other musicians with creating their own music, Jonathan McKinney is putting out a series of backing tracks on his YouTube Channel, including this instrumental 80’s thrash metal guitar backing track in A Minor.

Contact Jonathan McKinney:

If you’re inspired by Jonathan’s music or hope to collaborate with him on a new release, contact him now:

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